Free Lead Screening Wednesday, Thursday

Elevated levels of lead found in blood samples of 32 area children have triggered a Kansas Department of Health and Environment investigation in Salina.

Officials with the KDHE held a meeting on Tuesday evening to inform the public and local leaders of the probe’s parameters.

“At this point we’re not assuming anything,” said Saline County Health Department Director Jason Tiller.

“There’s a whole lot of questions that will be asked of the families that have been identified,” Tiller told the listening audience during the KSAL Morning News Wednesday.

The plan calls for in-depth interviews with the families of those effected.

“They’ll be looking at employment, where their parents work at. The age of the home. They’ll be doing testing in those homes as well – looking for lead sources,” Tiller said.

According to Tiller those home visits will take place during the latter part of July, with reports compiled by early October of this year.

Environmental Health Officer Dr. Farah Ahmed from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment told those gathered at last night’s meeting that the 32 cases are not concentrated in one area, but are scattered around town with some cases stretching into rural Saline County.

“We are doing it case by case, child by child,” Dr. Ahmed said.

The Saline County Health Department is offering free lead testing Wednesday and Thursday. There is no charge for the tests; no appointments will be necessary.

Anyone over age 6 months can be screened for lead; results may take 10 days to be processed.

The Health Department is located at 125 W Elm.

Screening hours on Wednesday, June 22: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM.
Screening hours on Thursday, June 23: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.
Go to Conference Room A, located on the West Side of the building (facing the library)