Fraud and Identity Theft Reporting Tool

Salina Police are launching a new tool to help in reporting suspected fraud and identity theft.

According to the agency, officers and detectives spend countless hours obtaining documents from both victims and banking facilities after a fraud and identity theft is taken.  These documents usually include banking and credit card information which can be easily obtained from the financial institutions at the request of the account holder.  However, law enforcement officials are often required to obtain search warrants or court subpoenas to obtain the same documentation.

As a result, a form has been created to assist victims in determining which documents are needed when reporting crimes of fraud and identity theft.  This newly developed form and requested documents must be completed by the victim/citizen and presented to the officer at the time the report is made.

The forms can be picked up at the Salina Police Department or found on the City of Salina’s website under the police department’s tab.

The agency says it hopes this new process will aid both citizens and officers during the reporting and subsequent investigation of these financial crimes.