Four Salina Fires Remain Under Investigation

Four of the 15 structure fires that have destroyed property in Salina over the past three months remain under investigation.

Salina Fire Chief Tony Sneidar joined in on the KSAL Morning News Extra Tuesday with a look at the recent spate of fires in 2024.

“Four of them are still under investigation pending testing results, further witness statements as we try to identify the possibility of other witnesses being out there,” Sneidar said.

Last week public safety officials reached out to the community to stress the critical role of community cooperation in preventing further incidents and ensuring the safety of all residents.


The Salina Fire Department emphasizes the importance of community engagement in preventing further incidents and staying safe.

Fire Chief Sneidar says vigilance and proactive measures can significantly contribute to keeping Salina safe.

“Salina is a resilient town and people watch out for each other,” Sneidar said.

“So if I can help them help us – so we can start some prevention ideas and get those tips to them as well as some ideas for their children how to get out, how to stay out, where to meet, things like that that’s been my goal.”


Photo courtesy SFD