Foundation Donations Being Matched

Contributions to the Post Rock Community Foundation are being matched through the end of the month.  Organizers say this matching effort is the key fundraiser for the charitable foundation because of the Dane G. Hansen 150% match.

According to the organization, you can  look at any key community institution in the Post Rock Community Foundation (PRCF) coverage area over the past decade and that institution is likely to have at least one project funded, either fully or partially, by a PRCF grant.

Lincoln’s Finch Theatre, Art Center, Municipal Swimming Pool and Frisbee Golf Course, Sylvan Grove’s American Legion, City Library, Senior Center and historic depot, Vesper’s Community Center, Denmark’s Community Hall and Preservation Foundation, Lucas’ Community Theater and baseball field, Luray’s Fire Department, American Legion and Bandstand, Lincoln County Emergency Services, Hospital, Historical Society and Fairgrounds, the USD #298 and #299 school districts, the City of Barnard, the City of Beverly, Hunter Economic Development projects and several local churches are just a few of the many beneficiaries of PRCF grant funding.

Just last year the PRCF awarded over $150,000 in grants and scholarships to more than two dozen different recipients.

Over the past four years the PRCF has hosted a Match Month, taking advantage of a matching grant initiative from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, a philanthropic organization based in Logan, Kan., with a mission to “reverse the population decline, increase the economic opportunities and strengthen critical community services” in its 26-county coverage area.

After a historically successful Match Month in February of 2021, the PRCF is excited to again take advantage of the Dane G. Hansen Foundation’s generous match.

PRCF chairman Ruth Sorensen calls Match Month an opportunity for still more growth and community enhancements.

“Leaders across the entire Post Rock area recognize the economic impact of the many contributions of the Dane G. Hansen Foundation,” Sorensen said. “The current Match Month fundraising effort presents yet another opportunity to benefit from the support of this organization. We ask everyone to consider donating to the Post Rock Community Foundation during February 2022 when, because of the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, any donations will immediately grow for the good of the local communities.”

During Match Month the Hansen Foundation will match any donation 150%, making every $1 donated worth $2.50.

“To illustrate just how much impact Match Month has on our local area, we can look at the results of the February 2021 Match Month,” Sorensen noted. “Because our supporters worked to raise the full amount to make us eligible for the entire 150% match, the Dane G. Hansen Foundation matched those contributions by generously adding $75,000 to our Foundation funds. In just one month’s time, the Post Rock Community Foundation received significant funding that will grow to support exciting projects for the Post Rock area.”

To take advantage of this match consider mailing a donation to the Post Rock Community Foundation, PO Box 62, Sylvan Grove, KS 67481 or go online to donate at

Since 2010, the Post Rock Community Foundation has been connecting donors with philanthropic causes they love.
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