Forum to Address Bus Stop Concerns

North Salina will host an open forum Thursday evening to gather ideas on a new location for Salina’s commercial bus stop, which is currently located at Thomas Park.

Currently, Greyhound and Beeline drop off and pick up passengers once during the day and once at 3:00 am on the frontage road by Thomas Park on N. 9th Street.

This Forum is in response to suggestions made during the North Salina BBQ Picnic in June. Picnic goers said the 3:00 am bus stop during winter temperatures is very uncomfortable. Also, there are no posted bus stop signs, benches, shelter, and the lighting is poor.

Organizers for the Open Forum hope to weigh the pros & cons of suggested sites and come to a consensus of two-three locations that might be viable alternatives.

Everyone is welcome to attend the forum, which will be held at the Salina Salvation Army on N. Santa Fe Thursday evening at 7:00.