Former Fort Riley Soldier Awarded Medal of Honor

A former Fort Riley Soldier was honored with our nation’s highest military honor, the Congressional Medal of Honor.

According to the Army, on September 11th 1st Infantry Division Soldiers were invited to participate in the Patriot Day and Welcome Home Parade for former Big Red One Soldier, Capt. Larry Taylor, our country’s newest Medal of Honor recipient.

Capt. Taylor received the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions during a brave rescue mission where he saved four men surrounded by enemy gunfire in 1968.

On the night of June 18th, 1968, Taylor, together with his copilot/gunner CWO2 J.O. Ratliff, rescued a four-man long-range reconnaissance patrol that had been surrounded by Vietcong forces and was under heavy fire. After exhausting his munitions, Taylor landed his AH-1G Cobra and the four soldiers clung to the skids and rocket pods of the helicopter as Taylor flew them to safety, a feat never before accomplished.

Taylor flew over 2,000 combat missions in Vietnam in the Cobra and the UH-1, was engaged by enemy fire 340 times, and was shot down five times.

Leaders and soldiers came together with the Chattanooga community and past Medal of Honor recipients to express their gratitude to Capt. Taylor on Sept. 11tt, a day we honor the memory of those lost and pay tribute to all the patriots and their families who have sacrificed their lives for freedom.

“Our Soldiers are brave, responsible, and on-point for the nation, Capt. Taylor is a role model for all our Soldiers serving now,” said Brig. Gen. Niave Knell, the 1ID deputy commanding general of support. “From World War One that took place in Europe to the present day, 1ID has supported our Allies in the fight against enemy aggression. We are so proud to have Capt. Taylor as part of the Big Red One.”

The 1st Infantry Division is the historic “Fighting First,” a division that takes the time to mentor, train, and prepare leaders like Capt. Taylor: Leaders who will move forward in their Army careers and accomplish amazing things. 1ID continues to take strides to mold Soldiers who go above and beyond in service to this country.

Complete Details of Capt. Larry Taylor’s Actions

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