First Half Property Taxes Due

The Saline County Treasurer’s Office would like to remind all taxpayers that the first half of 2023 property taxes is due by December 20, 2023. This deadline applies to all residents of Saline County and is essential for ensuring the continued provision of vital county services.

“Paying property taxes on time is not only a civic responsibility but also a critical support for our community,” said Jim DuBois, Saline County Treasurer. “The funds collected maintain the quality and availability of essential services across Saline County. We are committed to assisting our residents in meeting their tax obligations and urge everyone to adhere to these deadlines.”

The 2023 tax statements are scheduled to be mailed to property owners around the week of November 20, 2023. Taxpayers should note that the second half of 2023 taxes is due May 10, 2024.

Taxpayers should include the remittance stub from the bottom of their tax statement with their payment and indicate on the stub if they require a paid receipt to be returned to them. In case of misplaced or lost tax statements, the Treasurer’s Office is ready to assist. Please contact the office at 785.309.5860 or via email at [email protected] to obtain the amount due and tax ID number and request a statement copy via email or mail.

Additionally, if 2022 taxes remain unpaid, interest is now accruable. We advise taxpayers to contact the Treasurer’s Office for the correct amount before making the payment.