First Ever Salina “Reality U”

A group of students at both Salina Central and Salina South High Schools received a real-life lesson on Wednesday at the first ever Reality U for both schools. The class was a simulation, designed to show the students how they will have to make financial decisions later in life to live within their means.

Reality U was a project of one of the groups in the current Leadership Salina class. Several local businesses helped, as did the Salina Area United Way.

Heather Murdock was one of the organizers. She explained to KSAL News how Reality U works.

The students all take a survey. Based on the results, they were given their future “reality”, including how much money they will be making.

But the “reality” is more than just money. It means that a percentage of students who indicated they wanted to get married will be divorced. Some will have children and some will have to pay child support.

The students visited different booths where they needed to do things like purchase housing, child care, transportation, pay bills, and had options such as donating to charity and buying a vacation. All of this had to be done within their means.

Murdock said that the goal of Reality U was to give the kids a new, unique, perspective on life.



Students determine what kind of internet, and cell phone / data service they can fit into their budget.