Firefighters Respond to Kitchen Fire

Salina Firefighters made quick work of a kitchen fire late Wednesday morning.

Salina Fire Marshall Roger Williams tells KSAL News that crews responded at around 11:00 in the morning to the report of a structure fire at a home at 1437 Kiowa. They discovered an active fire when they arrived.

According to Williams, the resident was preparing to cook some chicken. A pot of hot grease on the stove boiled over, and caught fire. The fire ignited the stove, and spread to the kitchen cabinets.

The resident fled to a neighbor’s house, in search of a fire extinguisher. He ultimately realized that it was too late, and called 911.

Williams says that firefighters quickly got the fire out.

There was some heat damage in the kitchen area, and smoke damage throughout the house. The house is not uninhabitable, but the resident and his children are going to temporarily stay with a neighbor while the house airs out.

There were no injuries, both the resident and his dog escaped.

Williams has a word of advice when it comes to grease fires. He says to never use water on them, instead cover or smother them. If you can’t smother or cover it, get out and call 911.