Finishing Eliza’s Run

Runners across the country, including in Salina, are planning to gather to “finish Eliza’s run”.

Back on September 1st at 4:20 AM, Eliza Fletcher was abducted during her morning run around the University of Memphis campus and later murdered. This  run is a way to honor and grieve the loss of Eliza Fletcher.

Salina area runner Daniel Craig is helping to organize a local gathering of runners this weekend to participate.

The purpose is to honor Eliza, and bring awareness to outdoor running safety. Craig says whether it is before the sun comes up, during the day, or at night, we should all feel comfortable enough to get outside.

  • Let’s get together and show up STRONG to bring awareness to running safety in our communities!
  • We are encouraging people to wear a pink shirt and purple shorts in solidarity with Eliza.

The run in Salina will be this Sunday morning at 6:30 beginning at the Salina YMCA in the east parking area. They will run 3 miles as a group, planning to stay together at a friendly pace.

There is no charge to participate and all runners are welcome.

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Here is the link to an article on finishing Eliza’s run:
Finish Eliza’s Run (

Here is a link to some running safety tips: (#Runsmart #Runsafe)…/for-runners/runner-safety-tips/