Final Souper Bowl Push Planned

In conjunction with the biggest weekend of football of the year, Salina’s biggest weekend effort of the year to gather food for the hungry is here. The 2023 Souper Bowl of Hope will culminate on Saturday.

The Souper Bowl of Hope is an effort of Salina churches and businesses to gather cans of soup. Volunteers have been collecting canned soup donations at all three Dillons grocery stores. They will be one final time on Saturday Feb 11th, the eve of Super Bowl 57.

According to Super Bowl organizers, 9,400 cans of soup were collected this past weekend, February 4th and 5th.  Previously, 10, 318 cans of soup were collected January 28thand 29th.  The cans reflect both actual cans of soup and money that was collected..

This count does not include what local churches and groups are collecting. This number will be reported after the Super Bowl.

The goal is 57,000 cans of soup, in conjunction with Super bowl 57.

Soup and monetary donations are also being collected at several Salina churches.  It won’t be known until the week after the Super Bowl how much will come in from the churches.

Additionally, donations can be sent to:

PO Box 2861
Salina, KS

Make checks to the Salina Souper Bowl of Hope .

The soup will be donated to five organizations that feed the hungry. Those organizations include:

  • Salina Emergency Aid Food Bank
  • Salina Salvation Army
  • Salina Rescue Mission
  • Ashby House
  • Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas

The collection effort comes at a critical time. The annual “Project Salina” food drive in May helps stock shelves for the summer months. But by late winter, those shelves start to get bare.