Festival Fairies and Fun

The 2023 Smoky Hill River Festival is underway and adorned with music, muse and merriment for every taste. Angelica the “Sunflower Fairy” from Flint Hills Fairies was roving the park on Friday, reaching out to children to tell stories and share the wonderment of nature. The group hails from Wichita.

Near the tennis courts in Oakdale Park, mural artist Brady Scott from Hutchinson is working on a 3-day project that will have long-lasting effects in Salina.

“Robins in Bloom,” is a twelve panel series of brightly colored Robins and springtime blooms to be installed throughout downtown on trash corrals.

“I know that the Meadowlark is the Kansas state bird, but if you look around in the spring we’ve got Robins galore,” he said.


The first thing you’ll notice at Mooncat and Muse Handcrafted Soaps is Manny blowing bubbles of amazing aroma and his wife Jennifer, joyfully telling customers how the cold-process soaps and bubble baths are made with a natural touch.

Manny and Jennifer Williams are from Boulder, Colorado and are first time participants in the Art Show and can be found in Booth #W12.

There will still be plenty of kid’s activities and music on Sunday to enjoy, as the Festival is celebrating Salina’s music scene with local bands performing throughout the park.

Stop by either information booth located by the bridge entryways for your free Festival guide and the must have 2023 Smoky Hill River Festival T-shirt is on sale.