Father Takes Baseball Bat Away from Suspect

A Salina woman is chased into a bathroom by a man with a baseball bat.

Police arrested 25-year-old Timothy Sellers on Thursday after officers were called to a home in central Salina just after 7pm.

According to Captain Mike Sweeney, Sellers kicked in the front door on a residence of a 24-year-old female acquaintance – sending her to a bathroom to hide.

The two struggled in a fight over closing the bathroom door, before the woman’s father arrived. The 46-year-old man scuffled with Sellers and took the bat away.

Officers arrested Sellers later at his home.

Police say the female received scrapes on her right arm during the incident while her father had scratches on his left ear, elbow and knees.

Captain Sweeney reports that Sellers was violating a protection order and is now facing multiple charges that include aggravated assault, battery, trespass and damage to property.