Farmer Direct Foods “Doing What’s Right”

Farmer Direct Foods, a quality flour producing company in New Cambria, is inviting everyone to join their movement and taste the difference.

The company, whose founding vision was rooted in doing what’s right for the soil, growers, and consumers held a ceremonial event to become a member of the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce.

Farmer Direct has hopeful plans for the future, as they look forward to expand their products to a wide variety of people around the country.

Farmer Direct is deeply committed to regenerative farming meaning to restore soil, according to VP of Marketing Ben Mantooth.

Regenerative farming focuses on cover cropping, reduces irrigation, (dry farming) reducing carbon emissions and conserving water, according to Mantooth.

Mantooth says this system helps with “growing nutrient dense food.” In this case it helps with their wheat products.

CEO Tim Webster says it was “eye opening” when learned about keeping carbon emissions in the earth to avoid harming the planet.

“We are saving the planet one loaf of bread at a time,” says Webster.

The team at Farmer Direct has a bright future ahead of them. They will be experiencing a warehouse expansion project, along with a currently producing a high gluten spring wheat product to come.

Farmer Direct also handed out awards to employees, sponsors, customers and investors during the ceremony.