Farm Bros Breaking Ice Before Breaking Into Song

Kansas cattle producers are being tested by the tough weather conditions throughout the state in 2024.

Keeping cattle fed, watered and warm is a full time job with single digit temperatures and a biting wind to drive the wind chill down into the negative range.

Fifth generation farmer and Peterson Farm Bros member – Nathan Peterson tells KSAL News it’s a team effort. “It’s a reminder to check on your neighbors and make sure everything is running fine,” he said.

Peterson added the drifting snow has swallowed a few pickup trucks hauling hay over the past couple of days. “The closest tractor just tries to come and pull them out and keep them going where they need to go.”

Keeping drinking water open for cattle is also a major concern for many operations across the state. Peterson said planning ahead of time and being flexible is an important part of getting the job done.



The Petersons operate on three farmsteads near Assaria and Lindsborg, primarily raising beef cattle, about 1,000 head at a time and raising cash crops on about 2,500 acres.

Photos courtesy: Peterson Farm Bros on Facebook

The Peterson Farm Bros came to the forefront in 2012 after their first YouTube parody song “I’m Farming And I Grow It,” went viral. They have since produced over 30 parody videos and travel around the world to speak and promote agriculture.