Famous Fires Focus of Exhibit

A new exhibit at the Smoky Hill Museum, Fire: Embers of Discovery, truly blazes a trail toward discovery.

According to the museum, in this exhibit, you will encounter major fires in our Nation’s history as well as stories from Salina’s past.  These fires helped shape our understanding of fire and what it takes to keep us safe from its terrible destruction.

Have you heard of the Sad Yule or the Great Chicago Fire? Do you know the fiery history of the local H.D. Lee buildings? What about the huge prairie fire that left a path of destruction in Saline County in 1982?

These stories and many more are awaiting you at the Smoky Hill Museum. Mark your calendar and plan your trip, you won’t want to miss this one. Fire: Embers of Discovery opens on Thursday.

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Photo from Smoky Hill Museum archives