Fallen Officers in the Line of Duty Honored

A crowd gathered at Jerry Ivey Park on Wednesday morning to honor fallen officers from the Salina Police Department, Saline County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies.

Police Chief Brad Nelson and Mayor Trent Davis spoke at the memorial. Davis talked about what the fallen officers mean to their families and community and the responsibility of future generations to protect one another.

“Let us not forget the obligation we have to prepare and provide our current officers with the tools, talents and cooperation to assure that each one makes it home safely to his or her family every night,” Davis said. “Salina and Saline County, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Four Salina officers and one sheriff who gave their life in the line of duty were honored. Their names and end of watch dates are as follows:

Officer John Stonebraker – 02/12/1917

Officer Tom Carson – 11/29/1920

Officer Olney E. Eaton – 05/31/1942

Officer Jerry R. Ivey – 06/13/1975

Saline County Sheriff Fred Bell died from a heart attack after a struggle with a prisoner on September 17, 1952.

The event was a part of National Police week, which runs through May 21.

Mayor Trent Davis speaks at the memorialĀ 

Members of the Salina Police Department and Saline County Sheriff’s Office together before the eventĀ