Exhibit Highlights Trailblazing Salina Women

A new exhibit, Step Up to the Task, is now open at the Smoky Hill Museum. This exhibit tells a story about trailblazing Salina women.

According to the Museum, Stories of progress and the march toward gender equality are the basis of this latest exhibit. Women who pushed against the norm often found themselves experiencing discrimination. Some of these trailblazers played a crucial role in paving the way for progress.

In Salina, just like in other communities, there are shining examples of women who made waves, opened doors and broke through glass ceilings.

Visitors will learn of the struggles and triumphs of six local Salina women who helped break down discrimination towards women in the workplace. They are:

  1. Lt. Dorothea A. LaFollette
  2. Rep. Cora Walker Shelton
  3. Amy Rasher
  4. Irene J. Nelson Carlson
  5. Bessie Ellis Caldwell
  6. Mary Virginia “Ginny” Zook Bevan

Step Up to the Task is an exhibit that is sure to inspire and hopefully spark discussion and raise questions. Come learn about the six Salina women whose emboldened strides opened pathways for future women and inspired our community.