Evergy Warns of Utility Scam Attempts

The largest energy provider in the state is warning about scam attempts in which imposters are offering to provide free advice and technology.

According to Evergy, they have received customer reports of individuals placing phone calls to customers and calling themselves “Clean Energy” or “Clean Energy Utility.” They claim to work with Evergy and are erroneously informing customers that Evergy will be asking customers to reduce energy use due to the winter weather and cold temperatures. They’re telling customers they will provide free advice and technology to help when Evergy calls on reduced energy use from its customers. “Clean Energy/Clean Energy Utilities” is not a partner or program of Evergy’s.

Evergy does not anticipate electricity shortages during this cold spell. Additional resources at Evergy power plants have been deployed to be prepared for a potential increase in energy demand during the winter storm. Customers may follow Evergy on Twitter and Facebook for updates and related storm information. Outage information is available online at www.evergy.com/outages.

Information about Evergy energy efficiency and customer programs can be found at www.evergy.com. Customers can also verify if an individual is from Evergy by asking to see company identification or by calling the Customer Contact Center. If you can’t verify that you’re speaking with an Evergy employee, do not provide any information such as your Evergy account number or banking information. Evergy Missouri service areas and Evergy Kansas Metro may reach customer service toll-free at 1-888-471-5275. Evergy Kansas Central customers may call 1-800-383-1183. Customers can also review their account status online by visiting www.evergy.com.

To verify that you’re dealing with an Evergy employee, follow these tips:

  • If you receive a phone call, ask for the employee’s name and call our Customer Contact Center, which can connect you with that employee if they truly work for Evergy.
  • If someone contacts you in person claiming to be an Evergy employee, ask for ID. Employees will carry Evergy employee identification.
  • For a service appointment, they may be driving an Evergy vehicle or wearing Evergy branded clothing.

Evergy does not perform door-to-door sales. Evergy employees rarely need to enter a customer’s home. Additionally, Evergy will never ask customers to make payments with a pre-paid debit card, gift card, any form of cryptocurrency, or third-party digital payment mobile applications. If you feel you have been a victim of a scam, please work with your local law enforcement agency to report the crime.