Evergy: New Name, Same Power Provider

The largest power provider in Kansas is changing its name. This week Westar Energy and KCP&L will launch a customer education campaign to introduce the companies’ new brand name, Evergy. According to the company, the campaign highlights the utility’s continued focus on communities it serves.

“While our name has changed, our character has not. We remain committed to stabilizing prices for our customers and remaining deeply involved in the communities we serve,” Terry Bassham, Evergy’s president and chief executive officer, said. “Operating under the same name across our communities in Kansas and Missouri helps solidify that we are one company ready to meet the region’s energy needs and bring innovative programs to our customers.”

Westar and KCP&L merged in June 2018 to form the parent company, Evergy. The new company delayed changing its name for customers to minimize confusion. Televisions spots, billboards and other advertisements introducing Evergy feature employees and communities the company serves in Kansas and Missouri. Initially, ads will let customers know the name change is coming. Advertisements will also communicate when the name change becomes effective in October.

“Our service and product touch everyone in the communities we serve. When they see Evergy on trucks, in the news and in their mailbox, we want them to recognize their local energy provider,” said Chuck Caisley, Evergy’s chief customer officer.

Today customers can still reach both companies at their respective phone numbers and websites. Outage reporting, bill payment and other business functions for customers have not changed. When the rebrand is complete in October, web customers will be redirected to evergy.com, bills and other correspondence will be mailed with the Evergy logo. In the upcoming weeks, customers will receive information about the name change a variety of ways, including advertisements, direct mail, email and inserts in their billing statements.

More information about the name change is available online at Westarenergy.com/evergy and kcpl.com/evergy.

Why Evergy?
When KCP&L and Westar agreed to merge as equals and serve customers as one company, a new brand was promised from the start. Evergy was selected after research that included consulting with customers and employees. A combination of ever and energy, Evergy conveys our proud history as a reliable, enduring source of energy for our community and our vision to continue being so far into the future.

About the campaign
Electricity is part of everyday life and enables us to experience life’s best moments. We begin our day with the glow of a light bulb and might finish it under the lights at a little league game. Evergy employees make that happen. They are members of the community and live, volunteer, shop and play alongside our customers every day. They’re excited to be part of a company that’s been keeping the lights on in Kansas and Missouri for more than 100 years and positioned to continue moving energy, and our communities, forward.
Media note: We are providing suggested language for media to use referring to the companies during this time:
• Westar Energy will soon become Evergy. Evergy was formed with the merger of Westar and KCP&L in 2018, and both companies will soon begin serving customers as Evergy.
• KCP&L will soon become Evergy. Evergy was formed with the merger of KCP&L and Westar Energy in 2018, and both companies will soon begin serving customers as Evergy.
• KCP&L and Westar Energy merged to form Evergy in 2018 and will soon serve customers as Evergy.