Ellinwood Underground Tour

You can explore a unique world that many people don’t know exist underneath and are3a community.

Salina Arts and Humanities is planning a tour to the underground tunnels of Ellinwood.

Ellinwood has a hidden secret the group will uncover on the tour of the underworld. This town has an elaborate underground tunnel system connecting various business of yesteryear. Ellinwood has done an amazing job of bringing this era back to life. Come along and get an underground tour of history.

You will also get to experience the historic Wolf Hotel which looks like the day it was opened. You will have lunch at the hotel and explore its place in town history.

This trip will take place Saturday, August 20th and costs $60 per person.

Register in office or online at www.salinaparks.com under the Online Catalog.

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Photo via The Ellinwood Underground