Drug Task Force Chalks Two

After a month of of surveillance, the Drug Task Force has arrested two people in conjunction with a meth lab in residential Salina.

Sean Muchow, 26, and Stacy Humphrey, 30, were arrested yesterday from the 1900 block of Dover.  Between December 22 and January 20, the Drug Task Force ran five controlled buys from the residence. Through these controlled buys, the two allegedly sold 47 grams of meth, 6.2 grams of marijuana and 30 grams of a simulated controlled substance, or fake meth.

In the surveillance, police saw Muchow leave the residence where they followed him, surrounded his car and arrested him. Humphrey was found in the residence upon searching the home on a warrant.

Police found a small meth lab in the home. In their time of surveillance, police also saw Muchow sell a 12 gauge shotgun.

The two face a laundry list of charges including distributing controlled substance, marijuana and methamphetamine.

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