Dropped ID Leads Police to Theft Suspect

An ID left in the backyard of a nearby residence led police to a suspect involved in an alleged aggravated burglary.

Anthony Langhorst, a 32-year-old man of Salina, is facing requested charges of aggravated burglary and felony theft stemming from the incident Wednesday night.

Salina Police Capt. Gary Hanus tells KSAL News that officers were notified around 10:47 p.m. of a stolen 2011 Buick four-door vehicle from an attached garage in the 700 block of Moundview. The keys were also taken from inside of the residence.

Upon investigation, a neighbor in the area told police that they had made contact with the suspect earlier in the night, and the neighbor gave an item unrelated to the crime to the suspect to help them on their way.

The suspect, later identified as Langhorst, unknowingly dropped his ID in the neighbor’s backyard. When police came to gather evidence, the neighbor turned over the ID to police.

Officers later found a vehicle matching the description in the parking lot of Hillside Liquor, which is located next to the neighborhood. Police approached the vehicle and saw a man asleep in the driver’s seat, and the person matched the owner of the ID, who was Langhorst. The item that was given to Langhorst by the neighbor was also found in the residence that the keys were taken from.

The vehicle was returned to its owner.