Driver Hurt in Crash Near Salina

A man from Colorado was able to avoid serious injury after taking a wild ride in a crash along Interstate 70 near Salina.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol,  60-year-old Robert Laham from Boulder, Colorado, was driving a pickup truck headed east.  For an unknown reason he entered the center median.

The truck crossed the Westbound lanes of Interstate 70 and drove down the embankment on the North side of the road. It then vaulted over a guard rail and continued traveling Eastbound where it struck a semi at the bottom of the Hedville Road off ramp.

Laham suffered suspected minor injuries in the crash. The driver of the semi was not hurt.

The crash happened at around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon at the Hedville Road and Interstate I70 westbound off ramp 8 miles west of Salina.