Joint Forces Downed Pilot Training

The United States Marine Corps will conduct a joint forces combat search and rescue training as part of exercise Gunslinger 22, at the Smoky Hill Weapons Range west of Salina.

According to the military, Gunslinger is a large military exercise conducted by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve’s 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, and the Kansas Air National Guard’s 134th Air Control Squadron. Since June 1st over 1,300 Marines from eleven home training centers across the country have arrived in Salina to participate. Gunslinger will conclude training on June 24, 2022.

The CSAR is the culminating event for exercise Gunslinger and will focus on rescuing two pilots from a simulated combat environment. This is the first joint CSAR event and largest personnel recovery exercise 4th Marine Aircraft Wing has conducted.

“This exercise enables every participant to apply the skills they’ve sharpened during Gunslinger 22 in a large-scale, complex and dynamic scenario,” said Lt. Cmdr. Constance Ramsburg, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing Aeromedical Safety Officer and lead planner for the event. “By integrating joint training objectives and leveraging each service’s strengths, we enhance the lethality and survivability of our personnel while ensuring we remain ready, relevant and responsive in any operating environment.”

4th Marine Aircraft Wing is part of the Marine Forces Reserve. The unit comprises over 7,200 Marines and Sailors and 160 aircraft located in 14 states throughout the United States. 4th Marine Aircraft Wing provides combat-ready aviation forces, capable of conducting missions across a range of military operations.

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US Military Photo