Donut Drama in Salina

A Thursday morning donut disturbance has Salina Police investigating an odd hit and run case.

Salina Police Captain Mike Sweeney tells KSAL News that at about 7:30 Thursday morning, officers were sent to the Elmore Center at 755 E. Crawford to the report of a disturbance. Hurts Donut from Wichita was selling donuts in the parking lot.

Sweeney says that a small silver Isuzu Amigo SUV drove into the parking lot “and continued to move forward towards the table where the donuts were being sold, and people had to start moving out of the way.” Sweeney continued “the SUV bumped into the table where the donuts were being sold, causing it to buckle some.” The SUV then backed up and drove off.

Sweeney says that there was no damage to the table, and no one was hurt.

A suspect has been identified, and police are investigating. As of mid-day no arrests were made nor were any citations written. Sweeney anticipates to have more information later in the day.

Witnesses identified to KSAL News the driver of the vehicle as an owner of a Salina donut shop. This same owner has previously showed up at locations in Salina where Hurts Donut was selling from, and voiced his displeasure that the Wichita donut shop was selling in Salina.