Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

If you find yourself so scared of making a mistake that you never take on a new venture. Or, you hesitate to enter the game unless you are assured of winning the gold medal; you may be challenged by a “fear of failure”.

Signs you are suffering from a fear of failure can be:
• Reluctance to try new things
• Avoidance of new experiences
• Resistance to challenge yourself
• Putting off tasks, a.k.a. procrastination
• Discomfort with the anxiety of a new adventure
• Failure to follow through with plans and goals
• Avoiding things that can’t be completed to perfection
• Negative self-talk and low self esteem

Face it! Embrace it! Work to face your fears by:
• Laying to rest the fear of the unknown
• Considering all possible outcomes
• Mapping out your Plan B
• Building confidence by thinking positive
• Tamping down the negative self-talk

Face your fears and live your life to its fullest! Think of all the life lessons you will learn along the way, even when failure befalls you.

Ask anyone famous and successful and they will tell you that success is always littered with failure; why should your path be any easier or mistake-free? So, put on your brave face and embrace the newest adventure in your life!

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