Deputies Serve Warrants and Ice Cream

Saline County Sheriff Deputies, participating in a national effort, served multiple warrants during a sweep on Wednesday. And they also served some ice cream to some children who offered a helping hand.

According to the agency, five pairs of officers worked serving warrants between noon and 9:00 in the evening. The effort was a a part of the National Family Violence Apprehension Detail, a nationwide law enforcement event started by an agency in Oregon to catch those on the run from domestic violence crimes.

Locally, warrants for multiple violations were served. Results include:

  • 10 arrests
  • 9 district court warrants served
  • 5 municipal court warrants served
  • 2 outside warrants served, from Geary and Ellsworth counties
  • 1 new charge

The new charge stems from a person, who was not being sought, who fledĀ  anyway when deputies showed up to serve a warrant on a friend. It was later discovered that the person who fled, identified as 25-year-old Brandon Simmons, did have warrants. He was caught following a short foot chase, and now faces a new charge of obstruction.

A law enforcement body camera was lost in a north Salina neighborhood during the effort. Deputies recruited some neighborhood children to help find it, with an ice cream reward offered if they found it. Sheriff Captain Roger Soldan ended up finding the camera. The children were still rewarded for their effort, though. Soldan treated them to ice cream at the Dairy Queen on N 9th Street, about $40 worth.