Damaging Storms Roll Through Area

Damage cleanup is underway after a strong storm tore through parts of Central Kansas Sunday night.

Damaging storms that formed in Russell County and moved south through Ellsworth and Barton Counties.

Spotters reported a brief tornado touch down near Wilson, but the main threat ended up being wind in excess of 70-miles-per-hour and hail up to the size of tennis balls.

Power poles, power lines, and trees were toppled along the way, with the most significant damage reported in Great Bend. Trees and power lines came down, leaving most of the city without power. In addition, at least two homes in the city suffered significant damage.

A portion of Interstate 70 was closed after at least two vehicles, including a semi and a pickup truck pulling a camper, were blown over by the wind.

Officials were asking people to stay home as crews remove trees and storm debris from the roads.

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Photo by Henry Diehl