Criminal Threats

A Salina couple was threatened by a homeless man while they gave him a ride to a fast food restaurant.

Police Captain Paul Forrester tells KSAL News that officers arrested 47-year-old Mark McClusky after he allegedly told the couple early Wednesday morning that he would shoot them.

Before that happened – police had already contacted McClusky around 3am in the Kraft Manor parking lot after a delivery driver for Panera Bread told him to leave the premises on S. 9th.

Around 3:30am the couple in their early 20’s reportedly picked him up in their car to buy him a meal at Poncho’s Mexican Restaurant at 3929 Riffel Drive. They told police he began yelling out the car window and then threatened to shoot them when the driver rolled up the window.

The couple was not hurt. A short time later police found McClusky, unarmed near Wal-Mart and took him into custody.

He’s now facing a possible charge of criminal threat.