Crashed WW II Plane No Stranger to Salina

A vintage World War II aircraft which crashed on Wednesday in Connecticut is no stranger to the Salina area, and the Salina Regional Airport. Seven people are dead following the crash of the plane at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut.

The B-17 Flying Fortress went down as the pilot attempted to land after notifying the control tower there was an issue. The vintage bomber crashed while trying to return to the airport because of mechanical issues reported just after takeoff yesterday. The plane carrying three crew and ten passengers crashed into a shed and a tank containing de-icing fluid.

Windsor mayor Don Trinks says his town has issued a health advisory because some of the firefighting chemicals may have gotten into the Farmington River.

The plane was part of the Wings of Freedom Tour which provides rides for a donation to benefit the Massachusetts-based nonprofit foundation that owns vintage airplanes.

In a statement, the Collings Foundation says its thoughts and prayers are with those who were on the flight, and forever grateful for the heroic efforts of first responders at the airport.

The vintage aircraft , named “Nine-O-Nine”, has appeared in numerous events and air shows over the past 30 years, including in Salina. “Nine-O-Nine” has based at the Salina Regional Airport a couple of times along with the Wings of Freedom Tour.