County Tables Plans to Reclassify Seventeen Road Sections

In order to allow the public time to review and comment on sixteen sections of gravel roads that may be reclassified as earthen roads, the Saline County Commission agreed to table action on the proposal for two weeks. The same proposal would reclassify one section of road from earth to gravel.

Darren Fishel, Road Administrator, said that reclassifying these sections could save the county $10,000-15,000 annually. In a previous study session, commissioners individually reviewed which sections of road might be reclassified; they also asked that Hannah Stambaugh, Emergency Management Director, notify all emergency responders of the reclassifications.

Joe Kehr spoke directly about the proposed reclassification of “Stimmel Road 500 feet west of Hedville Road to the closed bridge”. At least five years ago, he’d been told by then county officials that this bridge was “next” on a list of bridges to be repaired in the region. Those plans did not materialize. Kehr spoke of the possibility of putting another house on land accessed by this segment of Stimmel Road. Kehr said he only heard of the proposed reclassification this morning, on SalinaPost. He said he had not been officially notified.

Commissioners asked that staff notify all affected land owners. Commissioner Jim Weese asked that designated emergency responders formally “sign off” on the reclassification plans.

Proposed Sections of Roads to Go from Gravel to Earth

  1. Amos Road going 1 mile south to McPherson County line.
  2. Hobbs Creed Road going 3200 feet west from Solomon Road.
  3. Lapsley Road from Gypsum Valley Road to Donmyer Road.
  4. Niles Road going ½ mile north of Lapsley Road.
  5. Holmes Road going south 1900 feet from Salemborg Road.
  6. Schilling Road from Kipp Road to Gypsum Valley Road.
  7. Donmyer Road going south from Riordan Road.
  8. Gypsum Valley Road between Ottawa Road and Humbargar Road.
  9. Giersch Road going north to the White Bridge in Ottawa County.
  10. Tressin Road going 1000 feet south of Pleasant Hill Road.
  11. McReynolds Road going 1000 feet east of K-104.
  12. Rose Hill Road between K-4 Highway and Centennial Road.
  13. Lightville Road going 1600 feet north of Parsons Road.
  14. Rose Hill Road between Soderberg Road and Tyler Road.
  15. Stimmel Road 500 feet west of Hedville Road to the closed bridge.
  16. Gypsum Valley Road from Country Club Road to Crawford Street.

Proposed Section of Road to Go from Earth to Gravel

  1. Dry Creek Road from Hedberg Road to Thorstenberg Road.

Additional information, including a map, can be found at, under the county commission’s agenda for February 19, 2019.