County Road and Bridge Department Earns Award

The Saline County Road and Bridge Department has been recognized with the “Build a Better Mousetrap” award for its innovative safety enhancement of local stop signs and stop ahead signs.

According to the County this award, presented by the Federal Highway Administration’s National Local Technical Assistance Program Association. It recognizes local transportation departments that have developed creative and effective solutions to common problems.

This year, the Saline County Road and Bridge Department earned the award for its implementation of vertical red reflective taping on stop signs and stop ahead signs. The simple – but effective – enhancement involves adding vertical reflective strips to the signs, making them more visible, thereby significantly enhancing road safety, particularly in low-light conditions and during inclement weather. The solution has proved to be a cost-effective and practical way to increase road safety and prevent accidents.

“We’re honored to receive the ‘Build a Better Mousetrap’ award,” said Darren Fishel, Road and Bridge Administrator. “It is a testament to our team’s commitment to constantly looking for new, effective ways to ensure the safety of Saline County residents. The vertical red reflective taping on our stop signs is a simple measure, but its impact is far-reaching. I am proud of our team for their innovative thinking and dedication to improving road safety in our community. This national recognition underscores our commitment to not just maintaining but continuously improving the infrastructure of Saline County.”

The Saline County Road and Bridge Department’s focus on practical, cost-effective solutions that enhance safety and improve the quality of life for its residents aligns with the spirit of the “Build a Better Mousetrap” award. This recognition serves as a testament to the department’s commitment to innovation and public safety.