County Exploring Jail Options

The Saline County Commission is slowly progressing forward in an attempt to address persistent over crowding at the Saline County Jail

The Saline County Jail has 192 beds. The average daily population increased from 143 inmates in 2008 to 263 in 2017.  The Average Length of Stay (ALOS) increased from 8 days in 2008 to 20.4 days in 2017.  In 2017, 86 more inmates stayed 91+ days than in 2013.

The commission is responsible for maintaining an adequate jail facility, while the Sheriff is charged with the operations.  The jail and joint law enforcement facility were originally constructed in 1962.  In 1995, Saline County completed a jail addition increasing the total number of beds to 192.  The current facility has been over capacity since 2010.  Currently, the Sheriff is housing 80-100 inmates, per day, in remote locations across Kansas.  The total amount spent on contractual housing and transport since 2010 will exceed $6 million by the end of 2019.

A majority of the commission meeting this week was comprised of presentations from the two “finalist” Architectural & Engineering firms in regards to the Saline County Jail Project.

A public presentation with four firms who specialize in designing jails was held in July.  From there, the County Administrator made a recommendation to request cost proposals from the top two firms.

The two firms, Treanor HL and Shive-Hattery, were both given time to present further information and concepts to the Board of Commissioners.  Both firms were asked questions from the Commissioners as well as from the Jail Committee.  The public was invited to ask questions of the firms and provide their comments on the overall project.

The bids received are solely for the cost of the Architectural & Engineering firms to provide services in two different phases.  Phase I is classified as Pre-Bond Services which includes preliminary planning and concept design.  Phase II is for Post-Bond Services which includes designs, construction oversite, bidding and project administration.

Commissioners are considering multiple infrastructure options:

  1. New Booking and Release Center (offsite) & Remodeling the existing Jail
  2. New Booking and Release Center (onsite) & Remodeling the existing Jail
  3. New Greenfield Site
  4. Potential for alternate options that have not been identified

The commission will now evaluate both firms based on all of the available information that includes; but is not limited to, Request for Qualification Presentations, Public Presentations, Reference Checks, and Cost Proposals for their services.  The Commissioners intend to contract with the best all-inclusive proposal.  It is the Commissioners intention to have a decision on the Architectural firm they wish to contract with by August 30th.

Information regarding the Saline County Jail project can be found at: