Convicted Felon Arrested on Gun Charge

The Salina Police Department made an arrest in what started out to be an arson investigation that ended with a convicted felon being found with firearms.

Capt. Paul Forrester says that the investigation began after arsons at 848 Sheridan St. and 864 Sherman St., both in Salina on July 22 and July 23.

Police quickly developed a suspect, 34-year-old Joshua Edward Allen and searched his property at 444 S. 11th St.

During the search that occurred on July 23, authorities found two guns: A 12 gauge shot gun and a .22 caliber rifle that belonged to Allen.

Forrester says that authorities later learned on Tuesday that Allen was convicted of aggravated battery in Geary County in 2009.

Also on Tuesday, a known acquaintance received text messages of a threatening nature by Allen. Law enforcement promptly arrested Allen and charged him with felony possession of a firearm by felon, stalking, criminal threat and harassment by phone.

Allen is still a person of interest in the arson cases.