Controversy Over Racism Article in School Paper

An article in the Salina Central High School newspaper is generating controversy, and prompted an apology by the USD 305 School District.

The article in question appeared in the Salina Central High School Pylon on Friday. It dealt with the topic of racism.

The content of article itself isn’t the major issue,  as much as a single quote in regard to slavery attributed to a student. The quote read:

“Racism is not a big deal in America. Black people only make it a big deal because they are still upset about slavery, but that was in 1860 and slavery helped America. People should get over it so we can move on.”

The district issued the flowing statement on Friday evening:

“USD 305 District and Salina Central High School apologize for any hurt or disappointment caused by the Pylon, the high school’s September 2017 student newspaper. We assure parents and patrons that an investigation is underway due to the controversies that may be sparked from the Pylon articles. Working together when issues like this arise is what makes us such a strong community. It is most important that we stay unified in this vision and support all of our students. Thank you.””

USD 305 Superintendent Dr. James Hardy told KSAL News that unfortunately the message of the article seems to have gotten lost.


Hardy says the comment in the article prompted a lot of emotion at the school.


Though there was an “investigation” into the issue, Hardy says that there will not be any punishment, because no rules were broken


Hardy says that the school will learn from this, and grow from it. He said it is a “teachable moment.” “Controversial things can be great learning opportunities, as painful as they are,” Hardy said.


Hardy added that the students on the Pylon staff have the full support of the administration.


The quote has generated a lot of emotion, and some anger. Over 30 students met with the principal on Monday.

The quote has also generated some animosity toward the student who it is attributed to. Because of several incidents, safety concerns prompted the student to briefly leave town over the weekend.


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