Commissioners Address Downtown Lighting; Tax Exemption

City Commissioners approve a property tax exemption for a Salina business, and a change to the downtown lighting overhaul project.

Commissioners on Monday approved a tax exempt status for Veris Technologies Inc. The company builds and markets sensors and controls for precision agriculture. Essentially, it aids in GPS

Veris is expanding its existing business in the Salina Airport Industrial Area. he tax exemption will depend on actual capital expenditures and jobs added, which could be up to 16 over the next five years.

Commissioners on Monday also approved a change order on a downtown lighting project. The 346 decorative lanterns which were installed in 1987 are being replaced by new, energy efficient LED lamp posts.
The LED lights have a life-span of 23 years, and are much more energy efficient than the current lights.

The original project was to cost $3.1 million. Additional costs include $71,602 approved back in August. The additional cost of the change order Monday, which will fund replacement of the current electrical system is $1.03 million. It will be funded through long term bonds.