Collective Soul Coming to Salina

A rock band who shot to stardom in the 1990s is coming to Salina. Collective Soul is coming to the Stiefel Theatre.

Since launching a major label career in 1994, Collective Soul has charted a path that most rock bands dream of, but only few achieve. They cut through a noisy 1990s rock scene with a knack for stick-to-you-like-glue melodies, roof-shaking guitars, and a touch of Southern grit. Behind enduring singles like “Shine,” “December” and “The World I Know,” the band hit the ground running for what would not be a short-lived sprint, but a steady marathon of uncompromising – and always catchy – albums.

 Since launching, they’ve become one of the most reliable rock bands in America, a tried-and-true force in a world often defined by turmoil and turbulence.

 Collective Soul is coming to the Stiefel Theatre on August 13th. Tickets go on sale this Friday.