Collection of Drugs Leads to Arrests

A Salina man was arrested Sunday morning after he misidentified himself twice when police stopped him for an outstanding warrant. Later, his vehicle was searched and an array of drugs was found.

Previn J. Araujo, 44 of Salina, was driving his 2008 Ford Taurus on the 1100 block of North Street when a police officer in a license plate reading vehicle got a hit on the Taurus for an outstanding warrant. When the officer pulled him over on the 500 block of Reynolds, the man gave his brother’s information. Because the officer could not identify him, he let him go. Later on, the officer was able to retrieve the identification information for Araujo, and went back to arrest him.

When officers arrested Araujo, they found a substantial amount of cash on him. A Kansas Highway Patrol K-9 unit was contacted, where a positive hit was made on the vehicle. This prompted police to impound the vehicle and get a search warrant. Upon searching the vehicle, 28.5 grams of methamphetamine, 4.9 grams of marijuana, 13 grams of cocaine and a handgun were recovered from the vehicle.

Araujo faces charges of interference with LEO, failure to pay child support, possession of opiates, no drug tax stamp, possession of stimulant with intent to use and distribute, possession of weapons by a convicted felon and transporting an open container.


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