Colleagues Join Huelskamp on Whirlwind Tour

Facing a tough primary from a well-funded challenger, Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp  hosted a whirlwind series of town hall campaign meetings across Kansas on Monday.

The tour culminated in Salina, where over 50 supporters gathered in support of the embattled incumbent congressman. Huelskamp brought with him three other like-minded conservative members of congress. Representatives Steve King of Iowa, Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma, and Jim Jordan of Ohio all spoke at the event in Salina.

Their common message was simple, sticking to principles and values and not becoming part of the status quo on Capitol Hill.

Agriculture, and a spot on the House Agriculture Committee, have been a key issue in the primary. Huelskamp was removed from the House Agriculture Committee after he clashed with former Speaker John Boehner. All of the congressmen Monday night were in agreement that the removal was punishment for Huelskamp sticking to his principles, and not agreeing to vote as he was told. Those in the crowd applauded.

Campaign spending was also a major focus Monday evening. Each congressman contended that big money from out of state is being spent in an effort to oust Huelskamp.

Huelskamp is facing his toughest challenge since first being elected to congress in November of 2010. He is facing a primary challenge from Roger Marshall, a physician from Great Bend.