Claeys: Kansas Model for Medical Marijuana

The island of states without medical marijuana continues to shrink as more communities across America have given a green light to using cannabis products for pain relief.

Kansas neighbors Colorado and Missouri both allow medical and recreational pot while Oklahoma is okay with medical uses for marijuana.

State Senator J.R. Claeys, joined in on the KSAL Morning News Extra with Jeff and Bob Monday with a look at a range of issues including a “Kansas Model” for bringing relief to those suffering from painful ailments.

Claeys says there would be a list of specifics ailments that could be treated – and home delivery for those who need help.

“I don’t necessarily want my daughter to grow up in a state where every other shop in the strip mall is a shop that’s selling marijuana,” he said.

Senator Claeys told listeners that he’s not in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana use in Kansas.

Listen to a portion of that interview here with State Senator J.R. Claeys, representing the 24th District in Kansas.