CKF Opens Doors on new Recovery Center. 

Salina’s  CKF Addiction Treatment organization has opened its doors on new addiction treatment facility. 

The Designated Women’s Treatment Program has 12 new beds to house and treat women and their children struggling to recover from addiction.

The project started back in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, when CKF partnered with the Ashby House to assist in a much needed addiction treatment program. While CKF handled the treatments, the Ashby House gave a home to those who were participating in the program.

 Over the following years, CKF sought to expand itself and their programs. Seeing that there weren’t enough residential treatment facilities in the area, they purchased a new facility located on 509 E Elm Street. The building used to be the old Dunbar School, which will now house women who are in need of recovery and treatment for addiction.

Kimberly Spencer, Chief Clinical and Compliance Officer for CKF says: “I feel like it’s going really well. Sense branching out from the Ashby House we got to build our programs from the ground up. We started with the policies and procedures, and developed further our treatments and programs. We opened the first modular in December for 12 women to move into and the second one just opened on March 4th, which took around 9 months. We are now able to provide service for a total of 24 women and their children.”

Along with providing substance abuse treatment, patients are also receiving resume building classes, group support 5 days a week, how to cook healthy meals, how to garden and how to balance a checkbook. Life skill classes that are greatly needed to help maintain their recovery. Women have to participate in treatment in order to live for free on campus. They have to join sober groups and individual counseling sessions in order to receive the benefits that CKF provides. 

“Despite limited resources. I feel like This program does a great job.” Says Amira Akacha, the Director of Sober Living Services. “One of my biggest goals is to get this program to as many people in need of recovery because a service like this is lacking in the community. There’s not a lot of programs like this for single mothers out here.”

Looking forward, CKF is looking to expand into other cities across Kansas. They believe that women having access to this treatment will be extremely beneficial to Kansas communities. Their main base is located in Salina and has another program opening soon in Topeka which is under construction. That one will house up to 26 patients and will mimic the Salina program.

CKF maintains that their Designated Women’s Treatment Program would not have been possible without the initial partnership and support they received from the Ashby House in 2020.