Civil Air Patrol Provides Aerial Reconnaissance of Flood Levees

As flooding from the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers continues to affect the Midwest, volunteers from the Kansas Wing of the Civil Air Patrol were requested to provide assistance in identifying levee conditions along the Missouri River.

On Tuesday of this week, at the request of the Kansas Division of Emergency Management, Kansas Wing, Civil Air Patrol volunteers performed an aerial reconnaissance mission to assist the state in assessing the condition of levees along the Missouri River.

The mission took three hours and 45 minutes from takeoff to landing to complete, and involved one aircraft from Wichita, Kan. The aircrew included 1st Lieutenant Tom Page, CAP (pilot), Major Donald Peacock, CAP (observer), and Captain Bradley Hawthorne, CAP (photographer), all members of the Emerald City Composite Squadron in Wichita, Kan.

Civil Air Patrol volunteers remain committed to supporting their communities, state, and nation during this historic flooding across the Midwest. Through continued training and education, volunteers ensure their mission readiness when called to assist.

(Civil Air Patrol Photo by Captain Brad Hawthorne)