City Crews Ready for Winter Storm

With weather forecasts expecting snow Tuesday evening moving through Wednesday, and into Thursday, the City of Salina will be pre-treating roadways with salt and Magnesium Chloride brine (MgCl2), treating initial accumulations of snow with salt and MgCl2, and when accumulations merit plow arterial and residential roadways.

According to the City, salt spreaders have been loaded and will begin to pre-treat Salina’s roadways Tuesday morning. Crews are divided into day and night shifts to allow continuous 24-hour operations.

The public is asked to minimize travel during snow storms as much as possible. If travel is necessary, please be sure to clear your vehicle’s windshield and windows to improve visibility and your roof to reduce the amount of blowing snow for other motorists. Please allow extra stopping distance at intersections or between vehicles on the roadway.

The public is asked to also allow ample space when approaching snow removal equipment from behind, as the equipment will be distributing salt, which may cause limited visibility as snow is being removed from the roadway. Driving too closely to snow removal equipment could also present additional challenges and safety concerns for operators and other motorists.

For additional information on the storm or snow removal operations, please visit the City’s website at, the City’s Facebook page at or call the General Services office at (785) 309-5750.