City Commission Maps Replacement Process

Salina City Commissioners discussed filling a vacancy on the commission which was created last week by the resignation of commissioner Rod Franz.

Chris Franz, Brian Franz, and Gayle Martin, who all have power of attorney for Franz, submitted a resignation letter to Mayor Melissa Hodges.

Mayor Hodges said Commissioner Franz was inured in a fall in early April and will need time to recover. She said she accepted the resignation with “great regret”.

Franz was elected to the city commission in November of 2019. His two-year term is set to expire in January of 2022.

Commissioners will accept applications from those interested in filling the position. They indicated previous experience as a commissioner or an a city board would be preferred.

Those interested must submit an expression of interest form by May 12th. Commissioners will then revisit the issue on May 17th, with the goal of being have a new commissioner appointed by May 24th.

Mayor Hodges indicated that three previous commissioners have already expressed interest.

Two of the four remaining commissioners were initially appointed to their positions before later winning election.