Cinema Plans Spooky Special Screening

The Salina Art Center Cinema will host a special screening on the Day of the Dead, Thursday, November 2nd.

According to the organization, “Shadows in the Desert: High Strangeness in the Borrego Triangle” will be screened at 6 PM.

 The organizations says “Shadows in the Desert”is a feature-length documentary that will delve into the high strangeness in the “Borrego Triangle,” an area David and Derek coined that is full of anomalous phenomena including cryptids, ghosts, disappearances, and UFOs.

 Reports of UFOs, hairy hominids, ghosts, dogmen, shambling beasts, lost treasure, and more are all located in “The Borrego Triangle.” Could this be a paranormal hotspot, an area where the veil is thin, where strange activity is concentrated? Patrons will have a special opportunity for a Q&A following the film with David Flora and Derek Hayes.

 From the hosts of Monsters Among Us and Blurry Photos comes a fresh, unique project full of mystery and the unexplained.

 Blurry Monsters Media is a small, independent production company started by podcasters Derek Hayes and David Flora. Their goal is to explore unique areas and stories of weird phenomena to bring you high-quality investigation and entertainment.

 The film stars David Flora, Derek Hayes, and Bryce Johnson. Standard ticketing applies ($12 General Admission, $10 for Students and Seniors, $8 for SAC Members).

 A trailer for ‘Shadows in the Desert: High Strangeness in the Borrego Triangle’ are available to view online at Tickets are also available to purchase online or at the box office.

 The Salina Art Center Cinema is an independent art house cinema in the cultural heart of downtown Salina. The cinema offers a wide variety of programming, including independent films, documentaries, foreign language films, Science on Screen, Special screening events, Oscar shorts, film discussions, and Q&A events with filmmakers. The cinema is open Friday through Wednesday, showing at 6 PM each evening. Friday features our additional late-night screening at 8:30 PM, where all tickets are only $8. You can catch a film on Saturdays & Sundays at either 2 PM or 6 PM. Tickets at the box office are $8 for SAC Members, $10 for Students & Seniors, and General Admission is $12.