Check Fraud

A Salina woman falls victim to a scam.

According to Captain Mike Sweeney, a 41-year-old female contacted police after learning a check she deposited in her bank was fraudulent.

The victim told police that a woman found her through her online babysitting ad – and told the victim she moving to Salina and was looking for child care for her 5-year-old son.

The suspect also convinced the victim to become her personal assistant in finding household items for an apartment she said she was soon moving into.

The suspect sent the woman a check for $2,775 to cover expenses.

Sunflower Bank contacted the woman to inform her the check was bogus. The woman had already spent $460 on items.

Captain Sweeney tells KSAL News that often times – the scammer’s next step is to ask the victim to send most of  the money back through a money gram, while holding back a few hundred for their trouble.

“In this case she found out the check was bad before that next contact,” Captain Sweeney said.

Police say the check was a forged document from a legitimate business in Atlanta, Georgia.