Chase With Combine Ends With Gunfire

The pickup truck sustained extensive damage and the 8-row combine header was torn from the combine. An Ellinwood police officer attempted to contact the driver around 10:52 p.m. While doing so, the driver put the machine in reverse and rammed the Ellinwood police car. The combine driver fled the scene and a chase ensued. The combine then proceeded down several more side streets and drove South out of town on the county blacktop. The combine was all over the road, traveling with no lights. A sheriff’s deputy was able to get in front of the suspect and set a roadblock just South of the Arkansas River bridge. The suspect rammed the deputy’s patrol car, dragging it a considerable distance, causing extensive damage and disabling the unit. The deputy and Ellinwood officer fired approximately 18 rounds at the combine in an effort to disable it. The driver was taken from the implement and arrested. The driver was identified as Kenneth M. Lamb Jr., 37 of Ellinwood. The combine was stolen near the area where Lamb’s vehicle was found abandoned in the roadway. Lamb was arrested and booked for aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, felony theft, felony criminal damage to property, and reckless driving. The case is still under investigation. — Information from KSN TV]]>