Central Presents Anastasia the Musical

Students from Salina Central High School are ready for their winter musical.

According to the school, the drama department will present the musical Anastasia on January 28th, 29th & 30th.  

From Tony winners Terrence McNally, Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens, creators of such Broadway classics as Ragtime and Once On This Island, this show transports its audience from the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s, as a brave young woman sets out to discover the mystery of her past. Pursued by a ruthless Soviet officer determined to silence her, Anya enlists the aid of a dashing con man and a lovable ex-aristocrat. Together, they embark on an epic adventure to help her find home, love and family.

Fog and explosive sound effects will be used in this production.

Tickets to see Anastasia are on sale for $10 general admission and $5 for students and can be purchased in advance or at the door. The audience will be able to pick their own seats in the auditorium and there will be no assigned seating. Masking is required for all audience members.

Cast & Crew

The cast is comprised of:  Harper Johnston as Anya/ Princess Anastasia (junior), Isaac French as Dmitry (senior), Tyler Campbell as Vlad Popov (senior), Lillian Myers as the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorvna (senior), Joshua Warner as Gleb Vaganov (senior), Emma Kelly as Countess Lily Malevsky-Malevitch (senior), Ethan Henry as Tzar Nicholas II (senior), Peyton Wood as Tzarina Alexandra (senior), Camille Graber as Young Anastasia (6th grade Lakewood Middle School),  Audrey Jagazinske as Princess Olga, Camille Morris as Princess Tatiana/ Odette (junior), Brynn Shaft as Princess Maria, Nathan Goldbach as Alexei Romanov (freshman), Charles Goldbach as Gorlinsky/Count Leopold (senior), Tayge Jones as Count Ipolitov (junior), Chloe Highsmith as Marfa/Countess Gregory (junior), Brooklynne Longino as Dunya (junior), Michelle Simmons as Paulina (sophomore), Israel Barlow as Count Gregory and other roles (senior), Benjamin Campbell as Sergei and various other roles (sophomore), Josh Rodriguez as Police Man #1 and various other roles (junior), Will Ebel as the Police Man #2 and various other roles (sophomore), Andrew Graber as Prince Ziegfried (8th grade Lakewood Middle School), and Wyatt Angell as Von Rothbart (8th grade Lakewood Middle School).

Also in the cast as ensemble members are:

Izzy Hopkins (sophomore), Keirstyn Monts (sophomore), Riley Wedgewood (sophomore), Andee Ornelas (sophomore), Abby Vaupel (sophomore), Chloe Vega (freshman), Alyssa Maas (freshman), Kasheia Peterson (sophomore), Kaiden Christmann (sophomore), Mykah Trusty (freshman), Liv Owings (freshman), Thaliah Lopez (senior), Mackenzie Martinez (sophomore), & Gage Gibson (freshman).

Direction:  Ms. Barbara Hilt

Music Direction:  Mr. Ryan Holmquist

Technical Director/ Scenic Design:  Bill Weaver

Choreography:  Mrs. Karen Brassea

Pit Conduction: Mrs. Lindsay Modin

Stage Manager:  Maddison Farthing (senior)

Assistant Stage Manager:  Israel Barlow (senior)

Scenic Construction:  Bill Weaver, Charles Goldbach,* Tyler Campbell, Daniel Allen, Colton Britt, Makyla Dixson, Colton Grogg, Anna Gutierrez, Ethan Henry, Trace Horniman*, Cadence Lane, Dontai Martinez, Jesse Simpson, Peyton Wood, Alex Riley, Nicole Cademartori, Cast and Crew members

Costume Design:  Robyn Hilt

Costume Construction: Robyn Hilt, Barbara Hilt, Jenn Morris, Mandi Graber, & Garden City High School Costuming Class:  Jessica Boutdara, Esme Corado, Joscelyn Hoff, Joeselin Adame, Savannah Garcia, Nerit Jurado, Daniela Leyva, Amilia Baca, Quince Koehn, Kaory Morales, Babriela Morales, Alexys Ochoa, Lizbeth Rebolloso, Laura Reyes, Kai Robins, Elmy Saldana, Yesenia Arroyo, Amelia Kessler, Sara Herman, Cast and Crew members

Costume Crew: Imani McFadden* (junior), Eave Taylor (junior), Kassidy Cottingham (senior), Chloe Vega (freshman), Theatre Arts & Technical Theatre classes

Costume Changers:  Vix Rasmussen (freshman), Abby Luddes (freshman), Imani McFadden (junior)

Running Crew: 

Sound Board Operator:  Barron Talbott (sophomore)

Projection Operation/Sound Effects:  Nils Lenhert* (junior)

Properties: Barbara Hilt, Ethan Henry* (senior), Peyton Wood* (senior)

House Manager:  Lillian Myers (senior)

Lighting Design:  Barbara Hilt & Bill Weaver

Light Board Operator:  Aryn Kevat (senior)

Lighting Crew:  Jack Angell* (junior), Tayge Jones (junior), Tyler Campbell (senior), Charles Goldbach (senior), Nils Lenhert (junior), Ethan Henry (senior)

Publicity:  Joshua Warner* (senior)

Poster Design:  Bill Weaver

Program Design:  Joshua Warner (senior)

Spotlight Operators:  Diego Heysquierdo (sophomore), Kenneth Fishburn (freshman)

Train Construction:  Jerry Wardyn

A * indicates that student is a student crew chief

We also have students playing in the pit under the direction of Mrs. Lindsay Modin:

Hope Keiswetter


Sam Cusick

Bethany Schulte

Jackson Angell

Sam Cusick


Karson Griffin

Seth Bush


Andrew Fields

Annzia Howard

 Violin I

Brandon Phachanla

Olivia Gubareva

Camille Copeland

Vy Nguyen

 Violin II

Rashada Smith

Vy Le

Joanna Ryan-Torres


Lucas Nutter

Maxwell Phachanla

Nolan Soukup

John Rose


Ben Kraft


Corbin Banninger

Madelyn Craft


Jasmine Kassem


Mrs. Sue Will


Mrs. Lindsay Modin