Cell Plan

Crews continue to ready the new Saline County Jail site before steel framework can be added to the project.

Authorities have been fine tuning the design and construction of how jail cells will look and work in the new facility by spending time in a plywood mockup version of the space.

County Administrator Phillip Smith Hanes tells KSAL News that sitting in the prototype was very helpful.


Next phase will be delivery of a life size replica of a jail cell that is cast in concrete. Changes and tweaks will be added or subtracted to the layout before the cell is finalized.

Plans for the new jail include:
The facility will be 392 beds. A consultant projected that by 2038 the average daily population would be over 400.
Will have dedicated medical areas for males and females and dedicated areas for those that need mental health care.

Expanded program space to add programs to help with rehabilitation and re-entry. Space for dedicated program staff with the potential to add facility specific social worker or mental health professional.

The new jail project was approved by voters in 2020. A one-half percent sales tax to help pay for the new building was enacted on April 1st, 2021. Estimated completion date of the project is September 2023.